Disruptive Technologies Part 2: Land Use and Transportation in the Sharing Economy

11 June 2016 Written by   Published in Break-Out Sessions

Session Description

In the second of our two sessions regarding “disruptive” technologies, we will look at other recent trends and speculate a bit on how they may affect our future, regional, urban character. Examples such as the effect of rideshare on transit, shared lodging (Airbnb or VRBO), smaller or more transient housing (tiny homes, accessory dwelling units, or short term rentals), work that can be done from anywhere with a laptop and Wi-Fi, the trend toward on-line retail, and others will surely affect the way our communities look and feel in the future.


Wilf SommerkornWilf Sommerkorn, Director of Regional Planning and Transportation, Salt Lake County

Wilf Sommerkorn is the Director of Regional Planning and Transportation for Salt Lake County. He was the Salt Lake City Planning Director from 2008 to 2014. Prior to that, Wilf was Director of the Davis County Community & Economic Development Department for 14 years. He was a planner in various positions with that department, starting in 1981. Wilf has also served as the Community Development Director for Centerville City, and as an adjunct professor of urban planning at the University of Utah, where he has taught a class in The Politics of Planning, something every planner should know! Wilf has served as Legislative Chair for the Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association since 1990, where he has had a role in writing the state codes regarding land use. He was President of the APA Utah Chapter from 1986 to 1988. Wilf holds a BS in Physical Geography and Geology from the University of Utah, and an MS in Urban Planning from the University of Tennessee.

Ali OliverAli Oliver, Strategic Planner, Utah Transit Authority

Ali Oliver is a Strategic Planner for the Utah Transit Authority. She was formerly employed by the regional MPO where she did both long-range transit planning and Mobility Management. Ali thoroughly enjoys her job with the transit agency, providing internal support on research, data collection and other initiatives related to technology, regional and local travel demand modeling, on-demand transit, and social equity issues.