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Summer 2016 Consortium Meeting

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The Wasatch Choice vision provides a blueprint for how transportation, land use, and economic development can be shaped to improve the quality of life for residents along the Wasatch Front. This year’s Consortium meeting focused on refreshing the Wasatch Choice vision looking out to 2050 to reflect the dynamic changes in the region, the Your Utah Your Future statewide vision, and local efforts like Salt Lake County’s The Future We Choose. The Consortium was combined with Utah’s Active Transportation and Health Summit to highlight the importance of building vibrant communities that promote active living.

Fall 2014 Consortium Meeting


Your Utah Your Future

We need your voice to help shape the future of Utah. By the year 2050 Utah’s population will nearly double. What will that mean for our schools? The quality of our air? Our water? Our economy? What do you want Utah to be like in 2050?You can decide by taking the Your Utah Your Future survey at Your answers will help create a vision for keeping Utah a great place to live. 

Fall 2013 Consortium Meeting

At the Wasatch Choice for 2040 Consortium meeting on Tuesday, October 29th, Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert announced the “Your Utah, Your Future” initiative designed to proactively plan how to meet Utah’s future growth challenges. The collaborative Wasatch Choice for 2040 Consortium leadership also released a new community planning toolbox, equipping communities with state-of-the-art methods and tools to begin now to plan for tomorrow’s challenges.

Spring 2013 Consortium Meeting

The Spring 2013 Consortium Meeting was held on Wednesday, May 29th, at the Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City. The meeting coincided with the 21st session of the Congress for New Urbanism, and two CNU speakers attended the Consortium to provide their perspective in keynote speeches. These included Jeff Speck, of Speck and Associates, and Chuck Marohn, the Executive Director of Strong Towns. You can view their presentations here (video coming soon). Following the keynote presentations, Consortium attendees divided into groups for “Consortium Conversations”: roundtable discussions with featured organizations on topics related to growth around the region. These conversations included:

Fall 2012 Consortium Meeting

The Fall 2012 Consortium Meeting was held on Thursday, September 27th, at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. Keynote speakers included Representative Greg Hughes, Chairman of the Utah Transit Authority Board of Trustees, as well as Robert Grow, President and CEO of Envision Utah. Following the keynote session, meeting attendees could attend breakout discussions with the following topics and speakers:

Spring 2012 Consortium Meeting

The Spring 2012 Consortium Meeting was held on March 27, 2012 at the Salt Palace. Speakers included Pam Perlich with the University of Utah, Robert Grow with Envision Utah, Andrew Gruber with Wasatch Front Regional Council, and David White with Salt Lake County. The presentations from the keynote session as well as breakout discussions can be downloaded below.


Fall 2011 Consortium Meeting

The fall consortium meeting was held on September 26, 2011.