Wasatch Choice 2050 Scenarios

We would like your feedback as we explore with you three scenarios that articulate the trade-offs associated with different transportation and land use investments. To learn about these scenarios that identify investments regarding the future of your community over the coming decades, please click on the appropriate button below. You will have an opportunity to provide feedback for various projects via an interactive map, as well as a survey.

Regional Scenarios
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Salt Lake County Scenarios
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Weber County Scenarios
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Box Elder County Scenarios
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In close collaboration with our local communities and transportation partners, the Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) is undertaking a robust process to develop the WC2050 Vision and 2019-2050 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

WFRC will measure the performance of the RTP and other efforts in relation to how well they meet established goals. Three scenarios have been developed to show the trade-offs associated with different transportation and land use investments. Select elements from each or some of the scenarios will be combined into a Preferred Scenario.

The Preferred Scenario will provide the blueprint for selecting RTP projects. Once projects are selected, they will be prioritized based on when the project is needed and when funding can reasonably be assumed to pay for it.

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The WC2050 process will explore future scenarios that articulate the approaches to growth associated with different transportation and land use investments. These trade-offs will be evaluated in each part of the region, with stakeholders actively engaged in the process to select the appropriate path forward.



The success of Wasatch Choice 2050 (WC2050) is dependent on local communities voluntarily doing their part to make the vision a reality. This locally-driven approach in which cities, counties, community organizations, transportation partners, businesses, the public, and others help to create and implement WC2050 together creates local solutions with regional significance.

WC2050 will identify specific transportation projects and investments, as well as the associated use of land near those investments to achieve agreed-upon outcomes for local communities across the region. WC2050 will also provide recommendations and resources to help stakeholders achieve those outcomes.

While the WC2050 will eventually be inclusive of the entire Wasatch Front and its surrounding communities, the process and information that follows currently reflects the urbanized areas of Box Elder, Weber, Davis, and Salt Lake counties. Coordination of information for Tooele, Morgan, and Utah Counties is expected to be populated in the upcoming year.