Wasatch Choice 2050 Toolbox

The Wasatch Front Regional Council has adopted the Wasatch Choice 2040 Regional Vision and Growth Principles that address desirable relationships between transportation and development patterns. In addition, the WFRC and members of the Wasatch Choice 2040 Consortium developed tools to help communities more easily and effectively plan and implement their plans. These tools continue to be used with the Wasatch Choice 2050 effort.

Applying the resources found in the Wasatch Choice 2050 Toolbox will help communities explore the Vision and Growth Principles with residents as communities enact locally-driven plans according to their individual community goals and aspirations. A number of planning tools have been developed to help in this effort.

Click on the following links to download each tool's one-page assessment:

Envisioning Centers - a method to utilize the WC2040 toolbox in a dialogue with your residents
Envision Tomorrow Plus (ET+) - (ET+) is a scenario planning software
Form-Based Code - Provides a model code document and a manual for cities wishing to modify their local codes
Housing & Opportunity Assessment - Helps cities understand impediments and opportunities for housing equity
Implementing Centers - Methods and strategies to finance transit oriented development infrastructure
Complete Streets - An approach to ensure that all users are considered with each street investment

Transportation and Land Use Connection

Transportation and Land Use Connection (formerly known as the Local Planning Resource Program) is a partnership between the Wasatch Front Regional Council and Salt Lake County. It provides local communities with technical assistance such as staff time, consulting, and training. The program encourages communities to integrate their land use and regional transportation plans by proactively addressing anticipated growth through the use of the Wasatch Choice 2050 Vision. The program seeks to help local governments develop in a way that works best for them, supporting their efforts to create livable and vibrant communities. This locally-driven approach allows the private sector to flourish in communities while reducing the public resources necessary to accommodate future growth.

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