Complete Streets

What is the tool? is a web-based platform designed to foster informed dialogue between the public and community leaders. Its extensive graphics, speed and ease of use allow a group to collectively visualize, compare, and modify street alternatives. Its interactive elements inform users of regional plans, right-of-way constraints, basic engineering standards, and nationally recognized best practices to influence more informed decisions. Street designs can be quickly saved, printed, and downloaded, and can be easily incorporated into design programs.

Version 1.0 and 2.0 Component

  • Help Menu—access to the StreetPlan User’s Guide, the Wasatch Front Regional Council Interactive Regional Transportation Plan Map, and Complete Streets design guidance and libraries (Version 2.0)
  • Project Dialog Box—manage projects, create and compare alternatives and enter project characteristics for design guidance (Version 2.0)
  • Cross-section builder—build and modify street cross-sections using a library of street elements. Foreground and background elements provide 3-D like views
  • Aerial photo application—apply built street cross-sections to Google Earth for a longitudinal perspective on the site (Version 2.0)
  • Interactive design guide—Incorporate Institute of Traffic Engineers guidance and reporting capability (Version 2.0)

What is the objective?

StreetPlan surmounts barriers inherent to street design communications. It allows users to design a street interactively rather than with static graphics, which helps build consensus.The review is ‘live’ and publication is at the users’ fingertips. Additionally, over time, StreetPlan will continue to enhance the design discussion by incorporate engineering principles and best practices into the discussion.

Who would benefit?

  • Municipalities looking involve the public in improving the look, feel, and function of their communities’ transportation system
  • Developers and municipal staff who wish to work in a proactive way with local elected officials and the public to create better communities
  • Consultants who wish to gain and solidify a consensus around a single street design option
  • Members of the public interested in providing feedback to their communities based on Complete Streets design


A picture is worth a thousand words. StreetPlan’s simple graphic interface allows users to quickly design and visualize street alternatives. It promotes a collaborative dialogue within the community, empowering local elected officials with the input they need to make informed decisions.

What does the tool require?

The tool is free, easy to use and available to everyone to access either through or through the Complete Streets page on the website. Internet access is required to use this tool.

Achievable Outcome

  • Fluid discussions supported by live visuals that can be discussed and edited while in session
  • Visuals that can have a quick turn around as not to let the group consensus “grow cold”
  • Inexpensive production of cross section and planview graphics
  • Seamless transition from measurement and visioning to the creation of graphics
  • Incorporation of best practices and engineering principles for informed discussion and decision making
  • An overall accelerated decision making or planning process

What and Why of Complete Streets In Utah

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Getting a Functional Complete Streets Policy

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Complete Streets Master Planning

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Designing a Complete Street

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Regional Support and Funding

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