1: Create the Framework for Your Process

Take the time to set up for your process. Clearly identifying core issues and concerns, getting the right people involved, and creating strategies for scoping, funding and community engagement will enable a smooth, outcome-oriented process.

Key Questions

FramingIssues PageWhat are the primary issues or leading concerns that you would like to address? Why?

  • If we don’t maximize our public transit investment then we continue to underutilize the land near the Meadowbrook Trax Station.
  • If we maximize our public transit investment then we create a center with housing and employment opportunities for the people of South Salt Lake.  
pdfThe Framing Issues With Scenarios Worksheet

Who needs to be involved?

Who are your stakeholders? How and when will you engage with the public? How will you reach those who don't typically attend meetings?

  • Establish a stakeholder group and meeting schedule. Include representatives of those who are traditionally underrepresented or underserved.
  • Develop a public engagement and communications plan and schedule.

Kerry Bate Photo“The Wasatch Choice for 2040 process will help to provide excellent opportunities for the people who live in the Meadowbrook area as well as the people who choose to make the Bud Bailey apartments their home”

Kerry Bate
Executive Director
Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake

pdfGetting Organized Worksheet

What is your timeline?

  • Develop overall project schedule



What is your specific study area?


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