3: Evaluate Where You Are Today

Before embarking on scenario planning, take time to understand the context, both regionally and locally, for your work. Explore both existing conditions and plans for the future, looking for both potential challenges and opportunities related to your planning effort.

Understand Your Regional Context, both where the Region is and Where it is Headed

pdfUtah Values and Future Growth
Wasatch Choice for 2040 Vision

Key Questions

Green Infrastructure

What regional green infrastructure opportunities are there? How could you work with neighboring communities to achieve your goals? What impact could this plan have on your community? Are there ways to link local systems to regional ones? 

Green Infrastructure Plan


What regional housing opportunities or needs are there? How can you best meet demand? (Link:

Housing and Opportunities Assessment


What regional transportation opportunities are there? What impact could this plan have on your community? How could you work with neighboring communities to achieve your goals? How can your land use be designed to support the transportation systems we would like built?

Regional Transportation Plan
Mountainland Association of Governments (for Utah County residents)


How does your community or your planning area fit within the economic context of the region? Which economic sectors thrive in transit served areas? Which of the sectors do we want to target with our economic development program? 

Governor’s Office of Economic Development Economic Clusters
Employment Growth Trends


What are the long-range utility plans for major infrastructure? What impact will plans have? Are there land use compatibility issues to keep in mind?

Long-range utility plans for major infrastructure

Understand Your Community/Study Area, Both Where it is Today and Where it is Headed

Review county/municipal general planning documents.

Key Questions


Who are you planning for? Who is and will be in your community? What are their needs? Conduct research to understand demographic context. Adjust stakeholder group and issues accordingly.

Utah Community Data Project (UCDP)


What is the market demand for your community? How many new housing units and jobs by type and price point do we need in the future – both short term and long term?

Review/conduct market study

pdfSample market study (Meadowbrook)


Are there housing units that are affordable to those who work in your community? What are the impediments to housing affordability and access to opportunity? What goals do you have? 

Identify affordable housing needs and goals.

Housing and Opportunities Assessment


What are the barriers to TOD development? What are potential strategies to fund needed improvements?

Implementing Centers Community Assessments

Building Feasibility

What range of building types currently "pencil" given today's market conditions?


How market-friendly is our current zoning?

ET+ Building-level Return on Investment


What have recent development trends been like?

Evaluate several years of permit data.


Where might we focus our planning attention?

ET+ Redevelopment Candidate Note: What parcels are ripe for redevelopment now and in the near future?

Meadowbrook Redevelopment Map

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