5: Envision with the Community and Stakeholders

Envisioning processes and their outcomes should include and serve community residents and stakeholders, including those who may be traditionally underrepresented or underserved. This step is likely a series of multiple events or ways of sharing information and gathering ideas.  StreetPlan's graphic tools provide an easy way for a group to explore various street design options and their ramifications.

Key Objectives

Share your research from steps 3 and 4 with the community and stakeholders

  • Where are we today?
  • Where are we headed?
  • What are some potential constraints and opportunities (i.e. market demand and development feasibility, housing)?

Develop evaluation criteria

  • Reference regional values study (step 3) or consider a community values study to understand the priorities of residents.
  • Develop local goals (narrative) for scenarios (modeled indicators). Local goals may be tied to regional vision principles. Some categories to think about include housing, employment, transportation, and environment.
  • Set potential benchmarks for scenarios (i.e. share of housing needs to be met at the site, amenities the site should include).

Conduct hands-on public engagement workshops (mapping exercise and survey)



Key questions

  • Where should we focus our effort? (Assessments in previous steps can provide good guidance.) Perhaps what's included in () appears when scrolling over questions?
  • What do we want this place / these places to become in the future? (Market demand and development feasibility assessments from earlier steps can provide good context for what's possible, at least in the short to medium term.)
  • What urban form should this place take on/maintain? What are the best-loved places in your community? (Imagery, including development type menus, flyovers and photo-simulations, help illustrate potential options. The use of a visual preference survey or community form survey may help inform later policy discussions/form-based code.)
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