ET+ Overview

What is the tool?


Envision Tomorrow Plus (ET+) is a comprehensive scenario planning tool. By “painting” scenarios onto a geographic area using locally-calibrated inputs and indicators, the tool allows the user to see and compare the outcomes and impacts of potential policy and development decisions in terms of multiple economic, demographic, and environmental indicators. The tool can be used for a range of scales, from a single parcel to a metropolitan region.


ET+ consists of a set of Excel spreadsheets that work in tandem with a specialized ArcGIS extension, allowing real-time results when exploring development scenarios. Beginning with locally specific prototype buildings, then adding street and other public-space parameters, the user constructs entire “development types” that represent possible future land use conditions. ET+ then provides the outcomes and impacts of these various land use scenarios.


  • The website provides video tutorials (10) to train users on how to use the tool.
  • The website also includes download instructions and a user manual for the tool.

What is the objective?

The tool is designed to model development or redevelopment scenarios in a way that is locally appropriate and economically and fiscally accurate. By using local market and cost data, existing land use conditions, and other user-designated inputs, ET+ calculates a wide range of projected outcomes associated with a scenario, so that the user can compare the possible effects of particular policies or trends projected into the future. Overall, ET+ aids in achieving a viable vision.

Who would benefit?

  • Any municipality looking to enhance the development potential of their city or a particular site comprehensively, to communicate and explore ideas with others, and achieve a shared vision that encompasses the desires and values of the community and is founded on statistical analysis.
  • Developers looking to maximize the potential of a particular site as well as determine and mitigate unintended consequences of development.


The tool allows for a quick, comprehensive glimpse of the many different outcomes and consequences of development scenarios through just one process so that a community can directly and immediately compare costs and benefits associated with different growth trajectories.

What does the tool require?

he tool runs in Microsoft Excel and comes with a free extension to the ArcGIS ESRI software. Users will need Excel. ArcGIS version 9.2 or later, as well as internet access to download the ET+ scenario building software from the website (

Achievable Outcome

  • A comprehensive and realistic perspective on the area and possible development scenarios.
  • Clear development expectations and strategies moving forward
  • A plan that is designed to be executed.
  • Solid, sound developments that work well within the fabric of their communities and that catalyze economic development and encourage efficient mobility.
  • Predictable future outcomes supported by the vision and general plan.
  • A vision, plan, policy, or development that will be more likely to render preferred results.
  • Files with the ability to be edited in the future. Customizable pieces with the potential for longevity.
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