Housing & Opportunity Assessment

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What is the tool?

Housing AnalysisThe Housing & Opportunity Assessment tool stems from the Community Data Project and is an in-depth report that provides current data, maps and information on demographics, socio-economics and housing in Wasatch Front communities. It provides new demographic and economic information for every city and county along the Wasatch Front. This data is available in reports and maps that highlight the opportunities for economic development and remediation of housing disparities to be understood and addressed through policy level changes. Factors include segregation, racially concentrated poverty, disparities of opportunity, fair housing infrastructure, and physical infrastructure investments.

The project was funded by a 2011 Sustainable Communities grant. It is vital to the Wasatch Front in that it answers questions that are crucial to the way we grow as a region. It collects this data and makes it available to communities in one place and free of charge.


  • Fair Housing Equity Assessments and data analysis reports by city and county
  • Descriptive maps by city and county

What is the objective?

  • Data—Identify concentrations of minority populations and/or poverty, disparities in opportunity, including education, transportation, infrastructure, etc.
  • Deliberation—Engage with stakeholder groups, including local jurisdictions, planning organizations, school districts, transit agencies, housing authorities and others
  • Decisions—Use Assessment information to set priorities and develop a community-specific action plan

Who would benefit?

  • City and county planners addressing growth issues and looking to improve the housing and economic opportunities in their communities
  • Researchers and analysts looking for Wasatch Front demographic and economic information


The tool will help cities in their planning process through identifying areas of opportunity and areas with disparities of opportunity. Incorporating this information will enhance projects and outcomes on both local and regional levels. It provides Wasatch Front cities and counties with data that may not have had access to before.

What does the tool require?

To access the tool, an internet connection is required.

Achievable Outcome

  • Fulfillment of the HUD obligation of entitlement cities and counties for a Fair Housing and Equity Assessment
  • Aid for communities in setting housing goals and developing plans to further fair housing goals
  • Maintenance of housing affordability and achieving an appropriate housing variety
  • Creating and maintaining opportunities for current and potential residents, and overall improvement of the quality of life a place can sustain
  • Informed planning processes and a more thorough consideration of characteristics and needs of a city, county, or region

Download data and map reports by clicking on the area below. 
Note: these are large PDFs, please be patient as they download.

map Utah County Salt Lake County Davis County Weber County


The Housing and Opportunity Assessment are in rough draft form. In recent months HUD has significantly expanded the requirements for this section. Consequently, research, analysis and editing are ongoing.  The completion date is December, 31 2013. . Download the Salt Lake County document to view a prototype of the Housing and Opportunity Assessment. 

Entitlement Cities

Entitlement Counties

  • Salt Lake
  • Weber
  • Utah
  • Davis

Other Cities

note: draft versions

Entitlement Community: A city or urban area with a population of 50,000 or more which receives Community Development Block Grant funds directly from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development.

Housing Tool Details, Background & Training

Summary of fair housing and equity assessment for the sustainable communities grant.

Sample Maps

Housing Analyis Reports provide a wealth of data.  These maps provide a sample of the format and types of data available. 

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